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Testoheal Gel 5g

International Brand: Testim Gel
Active Ingredients: Testosterone Gel 1%
Medicine Name: Testoheal Gel
Company Name: Healing Pharma
Strength: 5g
Pack Size: Pack of 7 sachets
Delivery Time: 8 - 15 Days

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$28.00 (7 sachets)

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    Testoheal Gel is a 1% testosterone preparation in the form of a gel for application to the skin, intended for replacement therapy. Currently, testosterone gel is one of the most frequently prescribed drugs prescribed for patients with low testosterone levels (hypogonadism). Testoheal Gel raises the level of testosterone in the blood, penetrating through the skin.

    Also on the market there is an analogue of Testoheal Gel – Testim, which is manufactured in tubes by Auxilium. In fact, there are no pharmacological differences between these drugs.

    Testoheal Gel got a great reputation as a result of the scandal that broke out in the US a few years ago, when it became clear that the famous trainer Trevor Graham said that several popular athletes are using testosterone gel to improve athletic performance. Later it turned out that the athletes did not even realize that they were using a hormonal drug, mistakenly thinking that they were rubbing harmless creams into the skin.

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    1. Great product Review by Bigern

      Worked really good, felt the difference in a week,no side effects (Posted on 3/21/2019)

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