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Ribavin (Generic Rebetol) 200mg Zoom

Ribavin (Generic Rebetol) 200mg

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International Brand: Generic Rebetol
Active Ingredients: Ribavirin
Medicine Name: Ribavin
Company Name: Pinnacle (Lupin Laboratories Ltd.)
Strength: 200mg
Pack Size: Pack of 28 Tablets
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$79.00 (28 tablets)

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$79.00 (28 tablets)


    Ribavirin is used in combination with other medications such as interferons for treatment of long term Hepatitis C viral infection that damages the liver.

    How it works

    Ribavirin is an antiviral that belongs to a class of medications called nucleoside analogues. It inhibits an enzyme RNA polymerase which is essential for viral replication and thus decreases the amount of Hepatitis C virus in the body thereby resulting in less liver damage and improved liver function.

    Common side effects

    back pain, neck pain, viral infection resulting in painful blisters, dizziness, weight decreased, low blood pressure, changes in the sense of taste, sensation of room spinning, chills, loss of appetite, overactive and underactive thyroid gland, indigestion, diarrhea, decreased sexual desire, Low blood cells, pulsation of the heart beats, dry mouth, fainting, thirst, sleepiness, inability to sleep, difficulty concentrating, nausea, tremor, weakness, numbness, loss of hair, bleeding gums, nose and throat inflammation, inflammation of tongue and mouth, shortness of breath with or without activity, rapid heart rate, sensitivity to sunlight, inability to maintain an erection ., psoriasis, tiredness, and skin reactions, eye pain, eye inflammation and dry eyes, fever, difficulty swallowing, tingling, gas, vomiting, burning sensation, depression, fungal infection of the mouth, muscle cramps, increased sweating, malaise, muscle weakness, decreased muscle strength, chest pain, bone pain, poor memory, swelling in the extremities, nervousness, nose bleeds, lethargy, ringing in ears, ear pain, pain in joints and muscles, flu-like illness, upper respiratory infection, enlarged lymph glands, cough, blurry vision, hot flushes, throat and sinuses, pain and irritability, mouth ulceration, flushing, muscle pain, aggression, shaking, infections of the nose, abdominal pain, night sweats, nightmares, anxiety, headache, bronchitis, migraine, mood /emotion changes, constipation, runny nose, joint inflammation

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