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Retino-A (Retin-A) 20g, 0,025% Zoom

Retino-A (Retin-A) 20g, 0,025% Cream

International Brand: Retin-A
Active Ingredients: Tretinoin
Medicine Name: Retino-A
Company Name: J&J
Strength: 20g, 0,025%
Pack Size: Pack of 3 Tubes
Delivery Time: 8 - 15 Days

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$35.00 (3 tube(s))

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$35.00 (3 tube(s))



    A-Ret Gel (Tretinoin) is prescribed to treat acne. It is one of a family of drugs called Retinoids, and is effective in preventing pimples and healing existing pimples. It can also be used to reduce the signs of ageing like facial lines and sun spots, as well as alone or with other topical treatments to treat alopecia and other kinds of hair loss.

    Dosage and Administration

    Always use as prescribed. Never self-medicate or adjust your dosage unless you have been specifically advised to do so.

    Before you apply A-Ret Gel (Tretinoin) always wash your hands and the area of skin you are treating thoroughly and leave air dry. Patients are usually advised to apply the cream once per day, either in the morning or late in the evening before sleeping. Avoid applying near your eyes, mouth, nose, or inner ear. Do not apply to any damaged, broken, or burnt skin.

    It can take 8 to 12 weeks before the effects of this medication are noticeable.

    Side effects

    Possible side effects include stinging sensations, skin peeling, as well as skin redness. If any of these side effects persist, worsen, or become worrying, inform your physician as soon as possible.Seek immediate medical attention if you experience skin crusting, swelling, excessive redness, blistering, rashes, hives, chest pains, trouble swallowing, or trouble breathing.


    Only use this medication when prescribed by a physician or dermatologist.

    Generally the use of cosmetics over the treated area is fine. However you should always consult your physician to check this is the case with products you use. Always remove all cosmetics before applying this cream.

    This product can increase the skin`s sensitivity to the skin. Avoid any unnecessary exposure to direct sunlight, and use plenty of high-factor sunscreen when you do. Do not use tanning booths or UV lamps of any kind while using this medication.

    A-Ret Gel (Tretinoin) may not be suitable for all patients. Before you begin taking this medication inform your physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, and disclose full details of any of the following which apply to you to check their safety.

    • Any allergies you have.
    • Any other conditions or illnesses which you suffer from.
    • Any other medication or drugs which you are using (including all non-prescription medication).
    • Any vitamins, dietary supplements, or herbal products which you are using.
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      Love it is great company and the shipping was fast to USA (Posted on 11/12/2022)

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