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Melanocyl (Methoxsalen) 25ml Zoom

Melanocyl (Methoxsalen) 25ml

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International Brand:
Active Ingredients: Methoxsalen
Medicine Name: Melanocyl
Company Name: Franco India
Strength: 25ml
Pack Size: Pack of 1 Bottle
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$6.00 (1 bottle)



    Methoxsalen is used along with ultraviolet light (found in sunlight and some special lamps) in a treatment to treat vitiligo (a disease in which skin color is lost), and psoriasis (a skin condition associated with red and scaly patches), and treatment of white blood cells (called photopheresis) and is used to treat the skin problems associated with mycosis fungoides, which is a type of lymphoma.

    How it works

    Methoxsalen belongs to the group of medicines called psoralens (light-sensitive drug that absorbs ultraviolet light and acts like ultraviolet radiation). Methoxsalen works by modifying the way by which skin cells receive the ultraviolet light A (UVA) radiation, thereby clearing up the disease.

    Common side effects

    new growth on the skin, nausea, change in the appearance of a mole, severe or persistent dizziness, Mild itching, severe itching or redness of the skin, trouble sleeping., blistering, depression, Severe allergic reactions, unusual swelling or blistering of the skin, temporary redness of the skin, burns on the treated area from overexposure to UVA or sunlight, nervousness

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