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Levipil (Keppra) 750mg Zoom

Levipil (Keppra) 750mg

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International Brand: Keppra
Active Ingredients:
Medicine Name: Levipil
Company Name: SUN
Strength: 750mg
Pack Size: Pack of 30 tablets
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$21.19 (30 tablets)



    Levetiracetam is a drug that is prescribed in a condition called epilepsy. It is used to treat various types of seizure disorders. It is prescribed in partial-onset, myoclonic, or generalized tonic-clonic seizures in patients with epilepsy.

    Epilepsy is a chronic brain disorder in which person experience the uncontrolled and repetitive activity of body muscles known as Seizures or Convulsions. There is transmission of wrong neuronal signals which leads to the following symptoms:

    • Unconsciousness
    • Increases the risk of physical injury
    • Constantly staring at one site
    • Temporary confusion
    • Abnormal and abrupt twitches, tremors and tics
    • Fainting 

    This drug treats tonic clonic seizures in adults and children who are at least 12 years old. Levetiracetam is one of the most recommended drugs given in theepilepsy like condition. It can be given along with other medicines

    The ailments, it is used for:

    Levetiracetam is indicated in the below listed conditions like:

    • It is given in Epilepsy as it treats almost all types of seizures
    • It is used as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of partial onset seizures in adults and children 4 years of age and older.

    How it works?

    It contains Levetiracetam as an active ingredient in it. This active ingredient works by binding to the synaptic vesicles present at the end of nerves, hence inhibiting the pre synaptic calcium channels. Due to this, the nerve impulse conduction between two nerves is hampered. This way it stabilizes the electrical activity of your brain and prevents seizures.

    When should you avoid it?

    You should not take Levetiracetam if you:

    • Are allergic to Levetiracetam
    • Have a history of depression, mental problem or confusion
    • Have a kidney disease
    • Are allergic to any prescription or non prescription drugs
    • Are pregnant or planning to become a pregnant
    • Are breastfeeding

    How much to take?

    The dosage is solely decided by the Doctor after assessing your condition and various factors such as age, gender and body weight. One can’t fix the dose as it varies from patient to patient. The dose intake is decided by the doctor. He will recommend the best suitable drug. Always take the dose prescribed by the Doctor.

    What are the strengths available?

    Levetiracetam is available in five strength preparation on our website:

    • Levetiracetam  250 mg
    • Levetiracetam  500 mg
    • Levetiracetam  750 mg
    • Levetiracetam 1000 mg

    Who is the manufacturer?

    Levetiracetam is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical giant and is available on our website in the pack of 30, 60 and 90 tablets.

    How to take?

    Levetiracetam is taken exactly as prescribed by your doctor.  Swallow the tablet  a full glass of water. Don’t crush or chew the tablet. Always follow the prescription. 

    When to take?

    Levetiracetam can be taken with or without food once in a day. The intake of dosage depends upon your condition. Always take the medicine as per the prescription.

    For how long should it be taken?

    Take the medicine as long as recommended by the Doctor. Always ask the doctor before stopping the drug intake.

    What if you take too much (overdose)?

    If overdose, immediately consult with your concerned doctor. Take medical help as soon as possible if you encounter any unusual symptoms like:

    • Aggression
    • Difficult or slow breathing
    •  Agitation
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Severe drowsiness

     What if you miss the dose?

    Try to take the medicine at the same time each day; this reduces the chances of missing dose. Talk to your Doctor if you miss the dose. Don’t double up the dose in order to compensate with the previous one.

    What are the side effects?

    Every medicine shows some side effects, same way this drug also have some undesired effects with it. Levetiracetam shows common and serious side effects such as:

    • Sore throat
    • Headache , tremors and dizziness
    • Changes in appetite
    • Dizziness
    • Drowsiness
    • Weakness or fatigue

    Some serious and rare side effects that need serious consideration are stated below:

    • Unusual bleeding and easy bruising
    • Breathing difficulties
    • Depression and apathy
    • Suicidal tendency
    • Vision related problems
    • Anxiety
    • Agitation and aggression
    • Extreme skin reaction along with the symptoms like fever, burning sensation in eyes, red or purple skin rash causing blistering and peeling of skin
    • Worsening seizures
    • Confusion, unexplained tiredness
    • Severe drowsiness

    Are there any possible drug interactions?

    Always inform your doctor about the drugs you are taking till date. Give a complete list of prescription or non prescription drugs and any other disease conditions. This way, doctor is able to decide and give you the list of drugs and other things that may interact with Levetiracetam.

    What are the things to be taken care of?

    • Always take the medicine as per the prescription
    • Don’t use the expired drugs
    • Don’t share your medicine with anybody, even if they have the same symptoms
    • Avoid the intake of alcohol beverages while using Levetiracetam as it can enhance the effect of drowsiness
    • It may impair your thinking or reactions. Be careful if you drive or do any other activity like swimming that requires alertness
    • Always store the medicine at the room temperature and away from moisture, heat and light
    • Consult with your pharmacist about the proper disposal of the drug
    • Keep a complete record of all the medicines you are taking along with this medicine
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