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Flutivate (Cutivate) 10g, 0,05% Zoom

Flutivate (Cutivate) 10g, 0,05%

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International Brand: Cutivate
Active Ingredients: Fluticasone
Medicine Name: Flutivate
Company Name: GSK
Strength: 10g, 0,05%
Pack Size: Pack of 3 Tubes
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$15.00 (3 tube(s))

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$15.00 (3 tube(s))


    Flutivate cream is a topical corticosteroid. Like other topical corticosteroids, it has anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, and vasoconstrictive properties. The mechanism of the anti-inflammatory activity of the topical steroids, in general, is unclear. However, corticosteroids are thought to act by the induction of phospholipase A2 inhibitory proteins, collectively called lipocortins. It is postulated that these proteins control the biosynthesis of potent mediators of inflammation such as prostaglandins and leukotrienes by inhibiting the release of their common precursor, arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid is released from membrane phospholipids by phospholipase A2. The active pharmaceutical ingredient is Fluticasone Propionate IP 0.005% w/w.

    Uses of Flutivate cream

    Flutivate cream is used for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, allergies and rash.


    Apply a thin film of medication to the affected area and gently rub in, usually 1-2 times daily or as directed by your doctor.

    Missed Dose

    Apply the cream as soon as you remember.


    Store this medication at room temperature away from moisture.


    The use of topical corticosteroids can produce reversible hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis suppression with the potential for glucocorticosteroid insufficiency after withdrawal from treatment. Manifestations of Cushing's syndrome, hyperglycemia, and glucosuria can also be produced in some patients by systemic absorption of topical corticosteroids while on treatment.

    Side Effects

    The Possible side effects of Flutivate cream are Stinging, burning, itching, irritation, dryness, or redness of the skin may occur when first applied to the skin. This should disappear in a few days.

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