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Andriol (Testosterone Undecanoate) 40mg Zoom

Andriol (Testosterone Undecanoate) 40mg

International Brand: Andriol
Active Ingredients: Testosterone Undecanoate
Medicine Name: Andriol
Company Name: ORGANON
Strength: 40mg
Pack Size: Pack of 30 caps
Delivery Time: 8 - 15 Days

Replacement: Cernos Capsules (Testosterone Undecanoate) 40mg

Replacement: Testoheal Capsules (Testosterone Undecanoate) 40mg

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    Andriol is a synthetic steroid used in testosterone replacement therapy. It is typically prescribed to men going through andropause, a "male menopause" that occurs late in life and decreases natural testosterone levels. Low testosterone can lead to a decreased libido, decline in physical energy, loss of muscle mass, high body fat and brittle bones.
    Andriol is an oral steroid, and is taken in 40 mg capsules. Most doctors prescribe the drug in bottles of 60 or 100 pills. Like many oral drugs, doctors recommend it be taken with food.
    Men taking prescribed Andriol may see the effects of low testosterone wane, but the drug also has several side effects. While it is supposed to raise a man's sex drive back to its pre-andropause levels, in some cases it can cause an unusual increase in sexual desire. The inverse is also true, and it can sometimes lower the sex drive even more. Fluid retention in body tissue is also a common side effect. The drug can also lead to priapism, or a prolonged, painful erection that must be treated by a doctor to avoid serious injury. Trouble passing urine is also a side effect for some men.
    In most cases, Andriol is only prescribed for men. In recent years, however, it has been seen as an effective drug for testosterone therapy for male-to-female transsexuals. It can help transexauls loose their female characteristics, grow facial hair and lower their voices.

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